Live 2-Day Transformational Event December 1 & 2, 2023   

Denver, Colorado


Are you ready for an event that will do MORE than just empower & inspire you?


The Higher-Self Gala is designed to give you real transformation in just 2 days...


The person you need to become in order to reach the next level of success commands a different version of you.

You can no longer continue to do the same things to achieve a different result...

We will be facilitating and teaching you the TOOLS you need to make a transformation in real-time through:


Connection to Yourself & Your Intuition

....Stepping into your Higher-Self requires you to: Become radically AWARE of WHO you ARE, Discover and claim your true desires, Shed what's holding you back, Get in tune with your intuition, and Lead from your heart and authentic truth.

The speakers and facilitators are going to help unlock a new awakening in you to step into your higher-self.


Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency

....Becoming the person you were meant to be requires an energetic shift from stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and increasing your vibrational frequency to be a match for everything you desire.

On Day 2 get ready for Energy Movement & Healing and rise up to who you are meant to be.



Embodying Your Higher-Self

....It's time to Assimilate and Embody that new Identity you have shifted into. Claim your desires and new found Power and step into the GALA Dinner and Dance as the next version of you - Your Higher-Self.

READY TO elevate with US?

LIVE: Hotel Clio in Denver, CO 

Dates: December 1 & 2, 2023

Friday, December 1 -  9am-5pm

Transformational Keynote Speakers & Facilitators:

Kristine Munro: How the inner-work will transform your life and catapult you to your next level of success

Kacia Ghetmiri: Authenticity - Being unapologetic in being the real you and be a magnet for everything you desire.

Lisa Boettcher: Brand Identity & Strategy - Get clarity on who your authentic self is, and how to stand out above the crowd.

Stephanie Kwong: Rapid Rewire Method Workshop - Quickly remove mental & emotional roadblocks getting in the way of achieving personal, professional and financial results you want.


Breathwork with Megan Reverie:  The bridge to your subconscious....

Heart-Led Entrepreneur Panel: Heart-lead Founders who took the scary leap and pivoted into their calling.

Danielle Nicole: Transformational Reiki Master will be leading you through a guided dmeditation to tap into your intuition and see a vision into your calling.

Sharon Land: Inner-Child Healing Workshop - Connection to yourself to heal and change the behaviors and patterns holding you from creating the life you deserve and are meant for.

Quantum Leap Panel

Ending Keynote


DAY 2: Saturday, December 2

9am - 11am: Divine Sweat, Activation & Energy Work with Ascension Guide, Salwa Owens

11am - 1pm: Pop-Up Shopping & Networking




Saturday, December 2 

4:00pm VIP Cocktail Hour & Special Surprise Show (Come if you want to see a glimpse into your future)

6:00pm GALA Dinner

Keynote Speaker - Judi Holler: Call Your Shot

9:30 - 11:30pm Dance

Are You Ready to go from Good to Great? 

As we continue to grow and evolve, there's always new blocks we must unlock and release every time we level up.


Maybe you're feeling:

  • Ready for your next evolution.
  • Overwhelmed, stuck, and searching for clarity.
  • Behind and feel you should be further along.
  • Something is holding you back from being the best possible version of yourself.
  • Lonely and craving connection, support and accountability from like-minded friends who will "get you". 

Now, imagine if in a single weekend, you could...

Gain Clarity & Self-Awareness & Deeper Connection to Self: 

It's time to unlock and release stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and can't come with you into 2024. This work happens when you do the inner-work at the subconscious level.

Strengthen Your Intuition & Gain Clarity & Confidence: 

Hear from Intuitive heart-lead entrepreneurs and learn the tools to tap into your inner-wisdom and guidance.

Take Back Your Power & Embody Your Higher-Self:

Increase your vibrational frequency though movement, energy work, and through the women you'll be surrounding yourself around, and experience the transformation in real time.


Your Higher-Self is Calling....

It's time to answer the call

December 1st Agenda

8.30am - 9.00am 

❖ Registration & Networking

9.00am - 12.00pm

❖ Speakers & Facilitators

  12.00pm - 1.00pm

❖ Lunch & Networking

  1.00pm to 4.00pm

❖ Speakers & Facilitators

  4.00pm - 5.00pm

❖ Panel and Q&A




Here's what to expect from attending Day 1 of the Higher Self Gala...

  • Increased self-awareness and connection to yourself
  • Tapping into & strengthening your intuition
  • Meet and connect with expanders who will elevate you to who you’re meant to be
  • Learning your Brand Identity through Strategic Branding
  • Finding your authentic truth
  • Removing blocks at the subconscious level
  • Inner-Child Healing
  • Gain clarity and confidence in what you’re meant to do
  • Become magnetic

Here's what to expect from attending DAY 2 of the Higher Self Gala...

  • Unleash your authentic power though movement & energy healing
  • Energetically call in what you're manifesting
  • Unlock energy blocks  holding you back
  • Gain awareness of blocks that can no longer come with you in 2024
  • Connect and bond with your new life-long friends
  • Increase your vibrational frequency
  • Shine your inner light
  • Step into your power & claiming your desires
  • Fully embody the energy of your Higher-Self as you dance the night away...

December 2nd Agenda

 8.30 am - 9.00am - Registration & Networking
9.00am - 11.00am SALONS 2 & 3

❖ Divine Sweat: Activation and Energy Healing

  11.00am - 1.00pm SALONS 2 & 3

❖ Pop-Up Shops

  12.00pm to 4.00pm


  4.00pm - 6.00pm FIRESIDE ROOM & WEST PATIO

❖ VIP Cocktail Hour & Special Show

  6.00pm - 11.00pm FIRESIDE ROOM & WEST PATIO

❖Gala Dinner, Keynote Speaker, Dance


Where is the Event Held?

Hotel Clio in the Cherry Creek District of Denver, CO

Surround yourself in the energy of luxury and expansion.  Limited rooms at group rate available, book your stay now:

Book Hotel Room on Group Rate

This Event Is For You If...

1. You have big dreams and know you're meant for more

2. You're invested in your growth and in supporting other women

3. You're looking for community and deeper connections with women who "get you"

4. You're ready to unblock and heal the things holding you back from success
5. You want to connect with yourself, and your intuition


Your soul is calling you to greatness

The Speakers

Sharon Land

Inner-Child Healing

Kacia Ghetmiri


Lisa Boettcher

Identity Work

Heart-Led Entrepreneur Panel

Katy Saltsman, Samantha Joy & Brittany Barcellos

Megan Mercer

 Breathwork - Shift your energy & focus to tap into your creativity & inner-knowing

Danielle Nicole

Transformational Reiki Master & Meditation Guide to shift your internal compass that makes you magnetic

Salwa Owens

Divine Sweat & Ascension Guide

Stephanie Kwong

Rapid Rewire Method

Judi Holler

Call Your Shot - Energy Shifter

Kristine Munro

Founder of the ILLUME Collective and Host of the Higher-Self GALA

About the Event Host

Meet Kristine Munro, founder of the ILLUME Collective.

Kristine has extensive business experience under her belt to help support you in building yours… 10 years in corporate, and 15 years as an entrepreneur having built a 7-figure, award-winning business.

On her path of self-discovery, Kristine learned to tap into her own intuition which led her to find her passion for building a community for female entrepreneurs to connect on a deeper level, easy access to mentors and all the support they need to pursue their big dreams. 

Kristine is a certified Reiki Practitioner, and Life/Business Coach, mentoring women entrepreneurs to illuminate the light within themselves and live out what they were meant to do.

Kristine is a proud wife and mom of two. Her top priority is being a role model for them to show them that there are no limits to what they can achieve.


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One-Day Pass


Access to Day 1 or Day 2

  • General Admission for One Day Only
  • VIP Admission for Members for One Day Only

General Admission 2-Day Pass


  • General Admission
  • Day 1 Access to Speaker Day with Lunch Included
  • Day 2 Access to Divine Sweat & Pop-Up Shop
  • Day 2 Access to Gala Dinner & Dance
  • GA Swag Bag
  • Members use code: MEMBER100 for $100 off

VIP Admission 2-Day Pass


  • VIP Admission
  • Day 1 Access to Speaker Day with Lunch Included
  • Day 2 Access to Divine Sweat & Energy Healing
  • Day 2 Pop-Up Shop
  • Day 2 Access to VIP Cocktail Party with Speakers  
  • Day 2 Access to Gala Dinner & Dance
  • VIP Seating at Gala Dinner
  • VIP Swag Bag
  • Members use code: MEMBER100 for $100 off

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