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Inner Circle Mastermind

Find Your Inner Circle

Your way back home to unlocking your purpose, activating your light, aligning with your soul's path, and becoming a magnet to everything you desire.


You Know You're Meant For a Greater Purpose


Even if you’re really good at what you do now, you're making good money and living a shiny life, you feel like something is missing. 

Brunch with the ladies, shopping trips on the weekend, vacations to remote beaches, bougie cocktail lounges, crushing that deal at work…these things all bring joy to your life. But that deeper itch is still there.

In the Inner Circle Mastermind, we’re the women who are just crazy enough not to push that feeling down. We might be hard-working, smart, and successful. But that something deeper is calling…our purpose. And we’re sure as hell not going to ignore it for a second longer.

The Inner Circle Mastermind is not only designed to bring out what you were put on this earth to do, but to also give you my business and marketing templates, access to experts in their fields to support you in living out that purpose, along with the actionable items you need to start turning that dream into a profitable business.

You know those big ideas, visions and dreams you've been thinking about for years?! This is the year you find your inner circle of expanders that will ensure that those ideas in your heart become a reality.

Your intuition is pulling you in

You Are Ready For Your Next Evolution

You know that this is your year. Your year to get motivated again and light that spark inside that fuels your fire.

You're done playing small. It's time to come out hiding of your full potential and show up in your authentic power - all of you.

It's time to let go of the fear and fabricated restrictions of time and finances and time to push through the resistance towards change and take that big scary leap into abundance.

Buckle up, you're about to get your light, gifts and purpose ACTIVATED and energetically SHIFT your life in ways beyond what you can imagine.


According to Forbes, one of the most surprising things that holds us back from success is the lack of INNER WORK


According to experts in building habits that are critical for success: People aren’t even aware of what’s truly holding them back.


Understanding who you are and your psychology is essential for success and optimizing your potential.


The INNER Circle is focused on the INNER-Work and getting down to the root of what created our beliefs, patterns and behaviors. Together we will break FREE of what has been ingrained in our subconscious that drives our decisions, and align ourselves back into the person we were meant to be, and breakthrough to the next level of growth.


"I gained a connection with myself and a release from past trauma and experiences that were holding me back."

Lindsay Maynard

Here's the truth

It's time to be aligned with your soul's calling

You’ve gotten this far in life having unique skills that have made you successful at what you do. The trouble might be that so far, those skills don’t seem to be aligned with what you love in life, your passions, or what you feel your purpose is.

There is a world where your aligned life includes having a career that brings you both security and lights your soul on fire. 

During your time in the Inner Circle, you’ll gain clarity and a new found confidence in your purpose and desires. Your inner-compass will be shifted energetically to become a magnet for everything you're calling in.

You're about to learn that you have far more inner resources that you ever realized. It's time to tap into your natural human ability to create the life you've always dreamed of.


This is for you if:

  • You’ve had a successful career so far, but something is missing, and you know you're meant for greatness 
  • You've been in the entrepreneurial game for at least 3 years and ready to scale in an unconventional way
  • You're looking for that next aligned path that fuels your fire and lights you up inside
  • What you're doing currently is getting in the way of your true calling
  • You’ve been following what your family/friends expected of you, and you’re ready for what's meant for you
  • You are ready to activate your light & unique gifts and seen as your authentic self
  • You believe in the power of expanders and sisterhood.
  • You want to incorporate the inner-work and the energetics of business to building a solid foundation for abundance
  • You feel like you should be further along but you’re overwhelmed, and unclear off the next path of evolution
  • You're ready to be seen and step out in the world as your authentic self and release blocks & identities you've attached yourself to
  • Your motivation comes from knowing that an abundance of money is a by-product of being a soul-led entrepreneur

Where Masculine and Feminine Energies Collide

To bring you both Profits + Purpose and into Alignment, Freedom and Flow

Meet Kristine Munro

Founder of ILLUME Collective

Hi! I’m Kristine!

I have a lot of business experience under my belt to help support you in building yours… 10 years in corporate, and 15 years as an entrepreneur having built a 7-figure, award-winning business.

But for decades I attached my identity and self-worth to this "business woman" and achievements.

I built a "successful" business at the cost of burnout and anxiety, knowing that I wasn't living in alignment with my soul's path.

It wasn't until I started from scratch in my 40's, lost myself & my confidence,  which led me to dive into the inner-work, healing and self discovery to unlock my light & purpose.

Once I learned that my worth was not tied to external validation and achievements,


That is when EVERYTHING SHIFTED! When you are in alignment with your soul's path, you become a magnet to everything you desire.




The Secret Formula

I know you know that Entrepreneurship is an up and down roller coaster. 

You can learn all the business strategies, take all the courses, and certifications - but if you don't have self-belief and worth then all that education won't be implemented.

Entrepreneurship is 20% business strategies and 80% mindset and ENERGY which encompasses:

  1. Community & Sisterhood: A strong bond with women who are just as invested in thier growth & yours
  2. Exposure to Expanders and Expansive Environments. Learn from high-level mentors, and facilitators in energetically expansive environments. Our retreat spaces and experiences are intentionally chosen to put you in the energy of expansion.
  3. Inner-Work & Healing: The road back home to your authentic truth and the ability to stand in that power.

This powerful combination is the key to quantum leaps and transformations in life & business. I know this because I finally experienced alignment, flow, and ease once I implemented all three together,  and I want the same transformation for you.

Being a mom of two littles, they are my top priority in being a role model for them to show them that there are no limits in what they can achieve. I can’t wait to show you the same!

"This journey has helped me understand the concept of quantum leaping as I've experienced a profound transformation that would typically take years."

Abby Levesque

Here's what you'll learn

The Inner Circle Mastermind

It’s time to claim your community, to become a part of this intimate group that will expand you and help you walk into your calling.

You won’t need to sacrifice income for passion. In the Inner Circle, you’ll gain invaluable skills and insight that will help you pair what you’re great at with what lights you up—for truly aligned living.

My methodology comes from combining both the masculine and feminine energies it takes to grow a business succcessfully.

During your time in the Inner Circle, you’ll be focusing on the inner work with a side of business. It’s just as likely that we’d facilitate a sound bath as we would diving into the nitty-gritty of email marketing campaigns.

In the Inner Circle Mastermind, you’ll join a room of expanders—and a new sisterhood.

From January - June 2024, get ready to take your career, your business, your life to another level, to the place you only dared to dream was possible. Then step into the next version of yourself as we celebrate together at the Higher-Self Gala, December 6 & 7, 2024.

You’ll go from a successful but perhaps aimless woman, just waking up to an awareness of more, to a determined waymaker with a clear defined path to living out her vision for life in a profitable and purposeful way.


Inner-Circle Mastermind

A glimpse into what your transformation journey will look like… (May - October 2024)

Voxer Mentorship

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to feel lonely, you don't have to do this alone. For 6 months you will have Voxer Access to Kristine for Healing, Business, Mindset & Life  Coaching, advice, or just to bounce ideas with. I’ll be the mentor in your pocket, giving you voxer access to support Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm.

There will be a voxer chat open and available for the Mastermind group for further support.

Bi-Weekly Transformation Calls

Every Tuesday 1:00pm MST May - Oct 2024


You will receive access to high-level experts, speakers and facilitators to support you in the inner-work and business.

Weekly zoom calls that will cover the following topics:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Healing Modalities
  • Subconscious Work
  • Somatic Work
  • Business Masterminding
  • Business Marketing/Scaling

1:1 Business Coaching


Receive (3) three 1:1 coaching sessions with Kristine, beginning, mid-point, and end of the 6 month container to Mastermind, focus and strategize on scaling your business.

Colorado Mountain Retreat 

June 10-13 2024 (3 DAYS)

  • All-Inclusive:
  • All Inner-Work Modalities & Activities
  • Private Chef Meals
  • Accomodations

 Bond, connect, and experience somatic modalities including immersive inner-work and healing. We’ll tap into the subconscious, rewire behaviors/patterns, reset the nervous system,  tapping into your intuition, discovering your soul’s calling and learn to lead a business using your own unique gifts and inner compass.

Scottsdale, AZ Retreat 2

SEPT. 23-26, 2024 (3 DAYS)


  • All Inner-Work Modalities & Activities
  • Private Chef Meals
  • Branding Photoshoot
  • Accommodations

Bond, connect, and experience somatic modalities including immersive inner-work and healing. We’ll tap into the subconscious, rewire behaviors/patterns, reset the nervous system,  tapping into your intuition, discovering your soul’s calling and learn to lead a business using your own unique gifts and inner compass.

"The safe space, atmospherically and energetically, was established sacredly at each of the retreats. This was essential and much appreciated, allowing me to fully open up, feel to heal, unpack my limiting beliefs, speak my truth, and trust the process. The retreats were also carefully thought through. Everything was well-organized, and there was a harmonious balance of both activities and time to rest, just be, process. The locations and lodging were gorgeous, the accommodations comfortable, clean, luxurious. The meals were delicious and nourishing. The chefs themselves brought wonderful energy to the food and environment."

Anastasia Kelly

Finish the Year Fully Embodied at The Higher-Self Gala 2024

Included as part of the Mastermind is your VIP Ticket. Celebrate your transformation with us at the Illume Collective 2-day transformation event  December 6 & 7, 2024 in Denver, CO.

And there is more!

When you enroll before April 23rd or pay in full, you'll receive the following bonuses

(value of $4,000)

Bonus #1

Captivate & Monetize IG Course

5 module course designed to help you attract your ideal clients, convert sales, and monetize your big ideas on social media. (Lifetime access)

Bonus #2

Annual Membership & Community Builder VIP Day

Annual Membership to the Illume Collective plus receive an 1:1 Community Builder VIP Day - Consultation & framework on building your own community.

Bonus #3

1:1 Deep Dive Mentorship

Receive an extra 1:1 business and mindset coaching for an intensive business strategy VIP Day (2 hours)


Hear From the Inner-Circle Mastermind 2023 

Anastasia Kelly

This is one of the best things I have ever invested in; not just in business, but also in life. I am incredibly grateful for Kristine, my Inner Circle sisters, the facilitators. Kristine's wisdom, kindness, authenticity, and mentorship is potent and magnetic. She has a very special gift for building community and connecting people.

This [dynamic of sisterhood] was divinely aligned. I have bonded and established powerful, trusting, authentic relationships with the incredible women in this group. We've laughed, cried, healed, and evolved together; I know we will continue to do so and have each others' backs.

Getting access to Illume Co and the Higher Self Gala-- including being at the VIP table and being invited to speak on a panel-- were appreciated gifts and such an honor. Having Voxer access to Kristine and the group throughout the container was impactful and supportive.

Abby levesque

Joining the Inner-Circle Mastermind has been the best decision that I have ever made. It has brought so much abundance into my personal & professional life. It provided me a deep healing I didn't know I needed, lifelong friendships & the confidence I've always craved. Kristine saw the light in me that had been dimmed throughout life & took me through a journey to rediscover it. This experience has opened up my mind to endless possibilities and has given me to freedom to start dreaming again.

Being surrounded by such amazing, powerful women that are consistently working towards being their best self inspired me in profound ways. This experience is what allowed me to finally break free from all substance abuse, something I struggled with for 10 years.

This journey has helped me understand the concept of quantum leaping as I've experienced a profound transformation that would typically take years.

Andi Samperi

The inner circle mastermind was a transformative gift that I didn't know I needed. I entered into the Inner Circle with the intention to learn business strategy and boost profits. What I ended up finding was my authentic self, hidden beneath layers of masks and suppression accumulated over the years. I realized that in order to make the most impact in this world, all of me is necessary to show up.

This mastermind has been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth, while also fostering a profound sense of sisterhood. Kristine provided an experience that is unlike any other, safely challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and into where you want to go.

Lindsay Maynard

The Inner Circle Mastermind introduced me to a new level of learning about myself and connecting on a level I’ve never experienced before. I had a true connection with Kristine before the mastermind, but getting to know her on a spiritual and leadership level was a gift. Through this journey with Kristine, I was impacted by her gifts of connection, empowerment, and strength.

I was able to kickstart my healing journey from past work trauma, relationship trauma, and lack of self connection. I’m honored to have been in the first cohort of the Inner Circle Mastermind, and I’m excited to now take my experience and implement what I’ve learned into growing my business and continue my healing journey.

Valued At:


Voxer Mentorship Access: $5,000

20 Group Coaching Calls: $5,000

1:1 VIP Day: $2,400

1:1 1/2 VIP Mid Point Check in: $1,200

All-Inclusive Retreat 1: $3,500

All-Inclusive Retreat 2: $3,500

ILLUME Membership: $599

Captivate & Monetize Course: $350

Higher-Self GALA 2024: $599


TOTAL: $22,148.00

Your Price: $11,111.00 Paid in Full 


$12,000.00 - 8 Payments of $1,250.00 with a $2,000 down payment.

Savings of 50%

Ready to Join the Inner-Circle? Book Your Discovery Call and Apply.

Pay in Full


  • Voxer Mentorship
  • Weekly Group Mentorship Calls 
  • 1 x Retreat in Breckenridge, CO
  • 1 x Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Ticket to the Higher-Self Gala
  • Guest feature on the Pivot to Passion Podcast
  • Captivate & Monetize IG Course
  • ILLUME Collective Annual Membership
  • 1 x 1:1 Deep Dive VIP Mentorship Day
  • Mid-Point 1:1 1/2 VIP Day
  • Ending 1:1 1/2 VIP Day
  • Community Builder VIP
JOIN YOUR INNER CIRCLE - Book A Discovery Call

PAYMENT PLAN: 8 payments + $2000 deposit


  • Voxer Mentorship
  • Weekly Group Mentorship Calls 
  • 1 x Retreat in Breckenridge CO
  • 1 x Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Ticket to the Higher-Self Gala
  • Guest Feature on the Pivot to Passion Podcast
  • Captivate & Monetize IG Course
  •  ILLUME Collective Annual Membership
  • 1 x 1:1 Deep Dive VIP Day
  • 1 x 1:1 1/2 VIP Day 
JOIN YOUR INNER-CIRCLE - Book A Discovery Call

* Payment Plan: $2,000 deposit + 8 payments of $1,250.00

Unite with your soul's calling

It's time to activate your light & unlock your freedom, passion, & purpose, and align with the abundance you were designed to live in.


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