Inner Circle Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs

Build a profitable, purpose-driven business through connection, healing, retreats, business strategies, and ongoing mentorship

There’s more to business than the daily grind

Even if you’re making good money and living a shiny life, you might feel like something is missing.

Brunch with the ladies, shopping trips on the weekend, vacations to remote beaches, bougie cocktail lounges, crushing that deal at work…these things all bring joy to your life. But that deeper itch is still there.

In the Inner Circle Mastermind from ILLUME Collective, we’re the women who are just crazy enough not to push that feeling down. We might be hard-working, smart, and successful. But that something deeper is calling…our purpose. And we’re sure as hell not going to ignore it for a second longer.

This 6-month mastermind for women is not only designed to bring out what you were put on this earth to do, but to also give you my STEP-BY-STEP business and marketing framework you need to live out that purpose. Plus, you’ll get an actionable plan and the mentorship needed to start turning that dream into a profitable business starting now.

You know those big ideas, visions, and dreams you've been thinking about for years?! This is the year you find your inner circle of expanders that will ensure that those ideas in your heart become a reality.

The next container starts in January 2024!

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What's included in the Inner Circle Mastermind?

Signature Business & Marketing Framework

You will receive the step-by step framework I use to build the Illume Collective and my previous 7-figure business for 10 consecutive years.

Weekly Zoom calls that will cover the following modules:

  • Personal Branding: Building a Magnetic Brand
  • Attraction Marketing & Nailing Down Your Niche
  • Profits: Knowing Your Numbers, Pricing, Structuring Your Offers, Scaling
  • Building an Engaged, Profitable Community Around your Business
  • Content that Converts & Email Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing
  • Systems and Funnels and all the Back-End Systems that work for you while you sleep!

Voxer Mentorship

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to feel lonely — you don't have to do this alone. For 6 months you will have Voxer access to Business & Mindset Coaching, advice, or to bounce off ideas with me.. I’ll be the mentor in your pocket, giving you Voxer access to support Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm.

There will be a Voxer chat open and available for the Mastermind group for further support.

Two Luxury Group Retreats

Not sure if this is for both retreats or just the first one…maybe we create a description in general in case it’s not the same next time?

Bond with your mastermind sisters, evolve as a business owner, and experience somatic modalities including immersive inner-work and healing. We’ll tap into the subconscious, rewire behaviors/patterns, reset the nervous system, tapping into your intuition, discovering your soul’s calling and learn to lead a business using your own unique gifts and inner compass.

Higher-Self Gala

Celebrate your transformation with us at the Illume Collective 2-day transformation event in Denver, CO.

This mastermind is for you if...

  • You’ve had a successful career so far, but something is missing, and you want great, not just good.
  • You long to replace your current income with something more aligned with your calling.
  • You might still be in your 9-5, but it’s getting in the way of doing what you truly want: purpose, profits and freedom.
    You’ve been following what society/your family/your friends expected of you, and you’re fed up with the status quo.
  • You have so many brilliant ideas for your business, but you’re overwhelmed and lack clarity on where to start.
  • You believe in the power of women and are determined to support and be supported by women who get you.
  • You’re tired of climbing the corporate ladder, making money for others when you could be doing it for yourself.
  • You feel like you should be further along but you’re overwhelmed, unclear and feel alone.
  • You’ve spent a lot of time consuming and learning in trying to launch your biz, and you’re ready to start seeing those paychecks roll in.
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Where Masculine and Feminine Energies Collide

To bring you both Profits + Purpose and into Alignment, Freedom and Flow

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