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Abby Levesque

Empowered Recovery Coach

Abby Levesque is an empowered recovery coach and the founder of Nurture Your Nature Wellness. Two years alcohol free, Abby guides dreamers of a brighter future to freedom from destructive habits, igniting a journey of self-discovery. 

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Alexandria Reed

Community Builder, Podcast Host, Realtor

Alexandria is a multifaceted individual, fulfilling roles as a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, dance enthusiast, lifestyle blogger, podcast host, realtor, and purveyor of humor and tacos. Her true calling lies in empowering women to become their best selves and live lives filled with freedom, joy, and peace. Alexandria is dedicated to creating safe spaces where everyone's stories can be shared, drawing from her experience in real estate, her inclusive lifestyle website and blog, and her down-to-earth podcast, GladiateBeautifully.

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Aly Jobson

Life Coach, Community Leader

Aly, a dedicated life coach and community leader in Denver, is passionate about helping her clients uncover their true authentic selves. Through her coaching business, she guides individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Aly's offerings extend beyond one-on-one sessions as she also hosts monthly new moon workshops and retreats, providing empowering experiences for personal growth. As the leader of Beauty Boost Denver, Aly creates a nurturing environment where women can connect, support each other's business endeavors, and embrace their authenticity. 

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Brittany Barcellos

Leadership + Business Mentor

CO based.  Brittany is the founder of LeadHer, a movement dedicated to leaders leading leaders. She has built a six figure business that elevates the multifaceted entrepreneur through high level mentorship, retreats, events, and next level community. Brittany believes in the power of reaching new levels together and is so excited to be a founding member.

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Brooke Berndt

Business Coach & IG Strategist

Brooke, a former bar owner and serial entrepreneur, manages multiple businesses while also serving as a business coach and social media strategist with over 11 years of experience in the online sphere. Her expertise lies in teaching business owners how to effectively convert and increase sales through social media platforms. Passionate about mentorship and empowering women in the business world, Brooke finds fulfillment in pouring her knowledge and support into others. Notably, she takes pride in co-creating 10 6 figure earners within her social retail business, marking a significant accomplishment in her career.

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Kristina Hudson

Occupational Therapist

Kristina Hudson is an occupational therapist and wellness coach with a background in trauma and neuroscience who is obsessed with helping others achieve healing and success in order to thrive.  She teaches trauma-informed wellness through coaching, speaking and mentorship containers.  Kristina is hosting her first Rise Retreat this coming August to help high-achieving burnt-out women reconnect with themselves and reset.  She is also the host of The Rise Up Thriving Podcast.  

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Sasha Canady

Biz & Marketing Coach

Sasha is a business coach for female changemakers harnessing the power of heart-centered content & email marketing strategy to help you scale your business with SOUL! She's TikTok-obsessed when it comes to getting more eyes on your biz and uses email to help you see more sales. She recently moved to Denver in 2022 and is anxious to connect with more powerhouse women ‚Äď send her a DM on Instagram!

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Stephanie Sikora

Professional Organizer

Stephanie, Owner of Life Made Simple LLC, is a highly accomplished Professional Organizer, Life Systems Expert, Speaker, and Author of Simplified. With almost two decades of experience streamlining healthcare procedures, Stephanie now helps leaders, business owners, real estate agents, and parents simplify their lives. Alongside her impressive qualifications, Stephanie is a proud mother and enjoys running trails and socializing with friends.

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Taylor Murphy

Your Launch Bestie

Taylor Murphy designs custom strategies to guide online business owners as they create, plan, and launch their offers and programs so that they impact more people and make more money while enjoying the process along the way.

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Laura Prescott

Life Coach

Laura is a Certified Life Coach and avid adventure enthusiast who firmly believes in embracing life as an exciting journey. With a deep conviction that everyone possesses the power to choose their own path and pursue goals that ignite their passion, Laura is dedicated to helping women unlock their full potential and live out their wildest dreams. As a coach, her passion and purpose lie in guiding women towards taking inspired action and embracing a life filled with vitality and purpose. With her support, clients can tap into their inner potential, set meaningful goals, and navigate their unique paths to fulfillment. Laura's unwavering commitment to empowering women to live their best lives makes her a transformative force as a life coach.

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Robin Huff

Real Estate Professional

As a dedicated Real Estate professional, this individual is driven by a passion for cultivating relationships, guiding clients through the ever-changing market, and helping them achieve their unique Real Estate goals. With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry before transitioning to real estate in 2019, they have discovered immense fulfillment in assisting clients from all backgrounds in taking significant steps forward in their lives. Their commitment to providing exceptional service shines through as they navigate the complexities of the real estate market and tailor their approach to meet the individual needs of each client. With a genuine desire to make a positive impact, this Real Estate professional is dedicated to helping clients embark on important journeys and achieve their dreams.

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Anastasia Kelly

Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach | Hormone Specialist

Anastasia is a Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach and Hormone Specialist. She helps menstruating entrepreneurs align their lifestyle and work flow with their cycles so that they can balance their hormones, ditch PMS, and energetically, powerfully show up for their passions each day. She offers 1:1 coaching, group programs, workshops, and retreats.

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Bri Dimit

Storytelling Musician, Speaker

Bri Dimit, an experienced leader, knows how to turn life's challenges into celebrations through storytelling and song. Despite her early struggles, including a diagnosis of epilepsy and the loss of her mother, she exemplifies resilience. Bri partners with non-profit organizations, corporate agencies, and individuals to create custom songs and stories that inspire positive change. She's a global speaker and performer, spreading her message of hope and belief in oneself. Originally from the Midwest, Bri attended Ball State University before traveling the U.S. She now resides in Colorado with her husband and pets.

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Megan Murray

Photographer, Coach & Home Rescuer

Megan, the creative force behind Hazel's Roots Photography, has a unique perspective on life. As a natural light photographer, professional coach, and licensed real estate agent, she believes in uncovering beauty in unexpected places and bringing it to light. With years of experience in these diverse fields, Megan sees them as connected by the truth that beauty already exists and her role is to reveal it. Beyond her work, she enjoys browsing renovation projects, playing the guitar, and spending quality time with her family.

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Geneva Montano

Midwife, Mentor, Spirit Medicine

Megan, a traditional midwife, mentor, and womb medicine practitioner. As a certified doula, doula trainer, yoga teacher, quantum healer, and spiritual guide, she has empowered over 800 women to discover their inner strength and healing. Geneva, a mother of four, is also a certified professional midwife, dedicated to teaching birthkeepers to support the families they serve.

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Alexandra Weissner

Founder | Community Builder

My name is Alex Weissner and I am the co-founder of Brunch Running. Brunch Running is a social run club where we bring people together for a little sweat and brunch. Our crew meets every Sunday at a different brunch spot. My goal is to inspire others to sweat in community and change their lives.

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Monica Ortega

Speaker | Best Selling Author

Monica Ortega is a speaker, bestselling author, and travel host whose mission is to help people face their fears, break out of their comfort zones, and pivot into lives better than they ever could have imagined. Monica has been performing on stages worldwide for over 20 years and has emceed some of the nation's biggest music festivals, large conferences, and multi-day events.

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Reanna Romero Alirez

Certified Stretch Therapist

Hi, I’m ReAnna, a Certified Stretch Therapist helping women release pain, stress, and tension through personalized stretch therapy and holistic wellness modalities.

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Natalie Renatti

Real Estate Agent | Investor | Entrepreneur

Natalie Renatti is a real estate agent, investor and entrepreneur. Her diverse background includes marketing/advertising, international relations, business development, public relations, fundraising, patient coordination and non-profit advocacy. 

Natalie prides herself on building strong relationships and believes that women are their most powerful when they are surrounded by other positive, strong, uplifting women .

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Briana Fehringer

Wealth Activator | Mindset Guide

Briana helps women transform their relationship with money so they can make more of it. Through a combination of the Akashic Records, and your efforts, you fast track the process to a more abundant business and life.

Briana is also a Tax Attorney, currently practicing part-time.

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Shana Yurko

Video Producer | Photographer | Marketing Strategist

Shana is a video producer, photographer and marketing strategist who started her career producing commercials and content in Los Angeles. Now, she has served more than 700 clients in her video coaching + content creation business, where she helps entrepreneurs and brands grow their business with content that stands out and creates connection. Shana also owns Creator House Denver, a content studio air bnb with unique Instagrammable spaces perfect for photoshoots, live podcasts, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more!

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Carmen Ohling

Holistic Life Coach

Carmen is a holistic life coach for high achieving women, in addition to a speaker, podcaster, and former corporate executive. She has served as an expert on many media outlets, such as: Fox News, Living Local, Studio 10, and a variety of health and women-centric podcasts. Carmen has traveled the country, as the founder of the Permission Slip Retreat, to highlight critical issues for women and to create a better understanding about harnessing the authentic power that is inside each of us, in order to design a life we truly desire.

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Caytlyn Dee

Medicine Woman & Trauma Alchemist

Caytlyn Dee, an intuitive medicine woman and women's mentor, empowers global women through Free Spirit Living and Integrative Pelvic Care. With a blend of science and magic, her transformative work ignites deep healing, reconnects purpose, and fuels vibrant living. From online group experiences to exclusive 1:1 retreats, Caytlyn crafts safe, sacred spaces for unlocking natural healing and realizing true potential.

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Lindsay Maynard

Corporate to Entrepreneur Transition Coach

Lindsay, an award-winning marketing leader and former journalist, founded The Happy Marketing Co. to boost clients' revenue through organic website traffic and SEO. With 15 years of experience, she supports women transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship through @thehappylindsay, using a signature workbook. As a dog mom to two doodles, she's also renovating her first home and enjoys exploring Denver's best happy hours

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Nicole Ritter

Holistic Practitioner

Nicole is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She helps her clients get to the root causes of their symptoms so that they can THRIVE in life and in health.

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Jocelyn Montemarano

Video Podcast Production | Content Coaching

Jocelyn Montemarano is the founder of Scale Your Resonance‚ĄĘÔłŹ where she helps experts and thought leaders create content that resonates with ‚ÄĒ¬†not just reaches ‚ÄĒ more of the right people so so their work can make meaningful transformations in more people‚Äôs lives.

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Taylor Kolman

Founder of ONDE Agency

Taylor is the proud owner and founder of ONDE Agency, a cutting-edge advertising and marketing firm that prides itself on its dynamic and versatile approach. Our core focus is on crafting and executing highly customized paid advertising campaigns tailored to suit the specific needs of our diverse range of clients. I am passionate and deeply committed to delivering innovative, targeted, and high-impact advertising strategies that not only generate tangible results but also go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations.

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